Seminar Schedule

SESSION I: THE DECISION 9:00am - 10:15am

How to Determine if Entrepreneurship is Right For You!


Do you have the passion, drive, and commitment to start your own business?  Does your great idea translate into a viable, sustainable business option?  Is it the right time to try? How do you determine the answers to these questions?

This session explores the fundamental realities associated with starting your own business.  It will deepen your understanding of the complexities that surround making the decision.  You will critically analyze the factors involved in the decision-making process to determine if entrepreneurship is right for you.


SESSION II: ALL THINGS LEGAL 10:30am - 11:45am

Legal Considerations in Starting Your Own Business


A host of legal issues are associated with starting a business.  Legal requirements govern business formation, name selection, and licensure.  A business owner must be aware of local, state, and federal regulatory considerations.  This session educates the new entrepreneur on the legal realities surrounding business formation and operation.  This session will examine matters such as the types of business formation (LLC, LLP, S Corp, etc.), and provide a directional map to opening the doors of your company based on your assessed needs.



Financial Considerations in Starting Your Own Business


“Money Matters” is a two part session that explores the financial realities surrounding owning and operating a business.  Part one explores the concept of funding a business endeavor.  It will explain the structure and importance of the business plan, sources of funds, types of loans, and the process to obtain.  Part two (facilitated by an accountant) provides instruction on the fiscal accounting aspect of entrepreneurship.  Financial management is one of the most critical components to operating a business.  This part of “Money Matters” will explore various record keeping systems, methods, and other components essential to ensure solid fiscal foundational practices.




A Blueprint to Success


If you question a panel of successful entrepreneurs about lessons learned during their career, it would provide a wealth of information.  That information would help the new entrepreneur avoid common pitfalls that have resulted in failure for so many.  This session grants you access to a panel of successful entrepreneurs for an interactive experience that will provide valuable nuggets of wisdom as you launch your business venture.



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